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Commission Junction Account Information

Day light savings. As much as I dislike waking up an hour early, this day marks the beginning of longer days and prolonged sunlight in the evening. But, I’m sure many people have the same fear as me…forgetting to update their clocks.

As I think about my daily routine I can count three different clocks I look at throughout the day; my watch, my iPhone, and my computer clock.  Although some devices update automatically, I still need to manually change some of my clocks, such as my watch. Updating these devices is essential, as our world operates on time.  Think about it; no one wants to be that person walking into work an hour late.

Similarly, many other aspects of our daily lives can change and need updates. Your Commission Junction account may be a place you’ll need to update information. For example, your mailing address or email may change. The Administrative Settings tab within your CJ Account Manager is the number one place to update your Account information, Payment information, User Information, and password. For publishers, you can also update your Tax information.

Maintaining your Administrative Settings tab and keeping it up-to-date with the most current information is beneficial, as some departments such as Client Support and Finance reference this information for payment and account details.  For example, our Finance team might not be able to send payments if your tax information is outdated. In that case, it is imperative that you have up to date tax information so that your payment is not delayed.

So, just as daylight savings is a reminder to update your clocks, make this blog post a reminder to update your information so it is up-to-date!

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I want to know in South Africa you only need to register for Tax once you earn more than a certain amount, will this mean if i don't have a South African tax number i will not be able to receive commission with CJ?
Hello! In order to receive any payment from CJ, you will need to have provided any related Tax Information within your account before payment is sent.

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