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February 10, 2016 / Martina Y.

As a member of the Publisher Development team, I am always searching for new advertisers to recommend to publishers. Like a baseball scout looking to recruit new talent, there are two places in the CJ Account Manager where I know I can find new opportunities...Read more

February 3, 2016 / Martina Y.

With Valentine’s Day less than two weeks away, shoppers are just about ready to finalize their buying decisions. Last year’s data suggests that sales will increase dramatically a week before the holiday of love and will peak in some categories just a few days...Read more

January 27, 2016 / Sandrine T.

All the lights are down, Christmas trees composted, and decorations put away. The holidays may be over, but I gathered some great insights from the buying patterns across the CJ network this year that can help retailers plan how to adjust for next season....Read more

January 22, 2016 / Christian R.

While some find relief that the hustle and bustle of the holidays has passed, others recognize that the New Year marks the start of another important season of opportunities. In January of 2015, 32 of the 50 hottest advertisers were from the Finance, Fitness...Read more

January 21, 2016 / Lindsey K.

Feeling the holiday fallout yet? While the fourth quarter is a huge driver for many affiliates, the winter doldrums offer creative opportunities to keep readers (and consumers) enthused—and revenue flowing, too! In the quiet days at the start of the year,...Read more