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August 18, 2016 / Lika W.

Success StoryAfter leveraging CJ Affiliate's Content Solution and its suite of tools, then becoming Content Certified, finance blogs Debt Roundup and Frugal Rules each established new, relevant advertiser relationships that lead to a YOY increase in revenue....Read more

August 11, 2016 / Ryan B.

You know the feeling of waking up on a Monday morning with nothing to wear as you stare into your closet full of hundreds of items that no longer make the cut? #wardrobeissues! For many, shopping for new clothes is just a habit—one that fills your closet and...Read more

August 8, 2016 / Lika W.

Each year during the first week of August, the streets of Santa Barbara are colorfully scattered with brilliant beauty. It is found in the cascarones confetti eggs, the Spanish style dress, and the faces of those who happily cheer, "Viva la Fiesta!"This year...Read more

August 4, 2016 / Lika W.

“See you in Santa Barbara!” That’s how the best-of-the-best in affiliate are signing off with each other as September draws near.While this amazing little coastal city has been a big draw for attendees, the number one reason affiliate marketing professionals...Read more

July 28, 2016 / Lika W.

In its 9th year of this largest independent study of the affiliate marketing industry, AffiliateBenchmarks is looking once again to provide our community of partners with trends, best practices, and actionable insights. At CJ Affiliate, we understand the...Read more