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Drive New Customers

October 2, 2015 / Mark G.

Today’s always-on, multi-channel ecosystem has impacted consumer buying behavior, brand loyalty, and overall lifetime value (LTV). Now is the time to focus on driving new customer acquisitions—build new brand loyalty and target customers, who maybe as early...Read more

Holiday shopping season

September 30, 2015 / Lika W.

Summer vacations are over and kids are back to school, leaving retailers enough time to take a breath before the year’s busiest shopping season hits. To help you prepare, we’d like to share our recent webinar offering retailers in all industries...Read more

CJU 2015

September 24, 2015 / Lika W.

In less than three weeks, Santa Barbara will be bustling with the best-of-the-best in affiliate marketing. While the warm California beaches are a definite draw, CJ University is the main reason for this influx of industry professionals.Each year CJU offers...Read more

How to Get into Programs

September 22, 2015 / George Y.

Have you tried applying to an advertiser’s program only to be stuck in “pending” forever or, worse, swiftly declined? It’s a frustration many affiliate marketers experience. We spoke to several publishers and advertisers about what publishers can do to ensure...Read more

How to Engage 'Content Publishers' via Email

September 17, 2015 / Jessica W.

I work with CJ’s awesome Content Team, but at heart, I’m a blogger—a blogger who’s always excited to start new relationships. That said, like most content publishers, my email inbox is stuffed full of press releases, product pitches, and partnership offers. I...Read more