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The Power of Affiliate Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Power of Affiliate Marketing

To help our clients better understand the new consumer journey and the important role of affiliate marketing today, we've created a new Commission Junction Power of Affiliate infographic that breaks down the new consumer journey into five critical points: Catalyst, Evaluation, Conversion, Post Conversion and the Loyalty Loop.

An explosion of product choices and the evolution of the internet as a limitless information source have dramatically impacted how consumers shop online: they have more choices and are given more information than ever before.

In today’s digital world, even the most widely-recognized industry leaders must win back the well-informed consumer after every single purchase.

The world has changed. Things aren’t what they use to be. Neither are your customers. Keeping customers can be tougher than gaining new ones, and if you think they're not looking for greener grass (or a better price) somewhere else -- you're wrong. Most consumers today are in fact passive loyalists – they remain open to switching brands and restart their decision-making process for every purchase. That is why it is so important for brands to leverage affiliate marketing in their overall online marketing strategy.

At Commission Junction we believe affiliate marketing has the power to influence and connect with today’s consumer at critical points in their decision journey. How? Affiliate marketing unleashes the power of tens-of-thousands of unique publishers with the ability to introduce, influence and convert both new and existing customers. To learn more, download our Power of Affiliate Marketing infographic, visit our website and discover the Power of Affiliate Marketing and how the consumer journey has evolved for business of all sizes, everywhere.

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