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January 6, 2017 / Lika W.

In last week’s blog post, New Year Success with Content Publishers, we highlighted a recent article in PerformanceIn by our Business Development Director, Content, Jessica Woodbury, which outlined strategies for advertisers to capitalize on the content trend...Read more

December 29, 2016 / Lika W.

As the year comes to a close and we look back at what shaped affiliate marketing in 2016, it comes as no surprise that content remains a top trend. Content publishers (bloggers, influencers, and the like) are increasingly looking for ways to monetize their...Read more

December 27, 2016 / Hayley H.

We’ve been busy this holiday season! Not only in the office, but we’ve been out giving back to our communities as well. We have offices all over the country who are doing their part to make the holidays a little better for those in need. Our parent companies...Read more

December 16, 2016 / Hayley H.

Are sales starting to look a little off? Maybe you’re not seeing the amount of transactions you saw last week. Or maybe one action has completely fallen off the map. You’re probably wondering, “What’s going on?” followed closely by, “How do I fix this before...Read more

December 9, 2016 / Sandrine T.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016 in the bag, which remaining days in December are the best bets for late-season sales? The five days of December 15 – 19 presents a royal flush of days that offers the best set of circumstances for peak sales in what...Read more