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New Year Success with Content Publishers

As the year comes to a close and we look back at what shaped affiliate marketing in 2016, it comes as no surprise that content remains a top trend. Content publishers (bloggers, influencers, and the like) are increasingly looking for ways to monetize their content.

CJ Affiliate has kept our finger on the pulse with unparalleled expertise in the content sphere. With the largest team in the industry dedicated to recruiting content publishers and optimizing content programs, our Content Solution is unlike any other program on the market. To date, CJ Affiliate has over 1,000 Certified Content Publishers in our network.  

Looking ahead to 2017, our Business Development Director, Content, Jessica Woodbury outlined strategies for advertisers to capitalize on this trend in her recent article in PerformanceIn, “How to Get the Best from Content Affiliate’s in 2017.”

Check out the following for an overview of Jessica’s 2017 checklist for advertisers:

  • Respect the workflow: Deep linking and automation tools are critical
  • Forge affiliate relationships with pay-to-play
  • Keep an eye out for an increased interest in product
  • Stay in the know of new social networks
  • Be flexible—and publisher friendly—with program terms
  • Identify synergies across marketing channels

For more details around each strategy, read the full article here.

Do you have any other content strategies that have worked for you this year? Let us know in the comment section below.

We wish you continued success for the rest of 2016 and throughout the new year!


Lika Walker, Content Marketing Manager

Some great aspect of Content Marketing you have noted down here. Specially Jessica's Checklist. Thanks for Info.
Thanks for sharing the information about this great service! I work in a marketing sphere and there are many bloggers I know. Thus, I’m sure that today the content is king and only high quality content really can really sell and make your business successful. Thus, I see the great sense in working with professionals and hiring them to create a high-quality content. It’s good to know, but today only quality products have a chance to be successful.
I often used similar ideas and advice, but honestly for me personally as for my colleagues it's much easier simply to ask for help from good and professional service cuz it takes not a lot of times and the quality is fantastic, you may check it by yourself.

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