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Introducing Affiliate Customer Insights

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our most advanced service offering yet: Affiliate Customer Insights. Originally unveiled in September of 2014, this latest release substantially evolves the reporting capabilities to include richer reporting sets, enhanced data visualization, and greater customization to suit individual customer needs.

Affiliate Customer Insights allows advertisers to tie their affiliate transactions back to 160M+ unique consumer profiles, powered by our parent company, Conversant. This new data empowers affiliate managers to optimize their programs for growth and efficiency in new ways.

Reports delivered through Affiliate Customer Insights include:

  • New-to-File and Repeat Purchasers: Compare the percentage of unique, new, and repeat customers acquired from each affiliate publisher and the associated revenue of those transactions.
  • Purchase Behavior: Compare buying habits of average customers driven by each publisher in an advertiser’s program.
  • Channel Benchmarking: Compare buying trends and residual value of affiliate channel customers to non-affiliate channel customers.
  • Offline Impact: Measure how affiliate campaign exposure affects the customer journey to in-store conversions using Conversant’s deterministic, transaction-based matching and 160 million persistent, anonymous consumer profiles.

Click here to learn more and to find out if your program is eligible to start growing with Affiliate Customer Insights today.


Matt Moore, Associate Product Marketing Manager

This would be really good if you were able to identify and compensate publisher efforts for the offline transactions generated and capture some of that value back into the affiliate channel. Could this data be used to help identify the transactions that go missing in the platform due to cookie blockers and other tracking issues?
  • by liwalker
  • May 12, 2016, 10:15 am
Yes, we agree! Affiliate Customer Insights is a solution that marries advertiser provided data with CJ transactional data to provide advertisers with a holistic view of affiliate influence both online and offline. Because this visibility sheds light on publisher influence beyond what’s tracked via the affiliate channel, an advertiser is able to adjust compensation that aligns with publisher influence.

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