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2016 PMAs - CJ Affiliate Wins Again

We are honored to announce that CJ Affiliate by Conversant won two 2016 Performance Marketing Awards at the April 26 ceremony in London.  

After being shortlisted for 12 awards, CJ Affiliate took home two of the most coveted awards for their campaigns with TUI: Advertiser Innovation and Best Affiliate Managed Program. TUI was additionally honored for their work with CJ Affiliate, winning Industry Choice of Advertiser.

"CJ worked with the travel company TUI to reimagine the way to interact with its top-tier publishers [with an] innovative approach, which resulted in the best year the program has ever seen," noted judge Ben Tice (Sales Consultant, Oracle). Other judges included industry experts like Richard Hartigan (Industry Technology Manager at Google) and Cedric Chambaz (Bing Ads Marketing Director, Microsoft).

In addition, CJ Affiliate was also highly commended for the following awards: Best Use of Data (TUI), twice for Best in Retail (Homebase and Argos), and Global Excellence (Avis Budget Group).

These achievements reinforce CJ Affiliate's reputation as the global leader in performance marketing and is a testament to our commitment to the advertisers and publishers in our network. The 2016 PMA wins follow previous success for CJ Affiliate, who took home the 2015 Advertiser Innovation Award for its affiliate program with Argos.

As we look ahead to this year and next, CJ Affiliate plans to use this momentum to continue to drive us forward. Here we go!


Lika Walker, Content Marketing Manager

Congratulations team CJ! There is no doubt CJ is the best affiliate network. Since I joined CJ my life has got changed. Love you so much.
  • by liwalker
  • May 10, 2016, 12:50 pm
Thank you for your kind words. We are glad you're happy with our services :)
I have just joined CJ to promote some health related products. Good to know you guys have won some awards. It gives me confidence that I am at the right place. Congratulations for your success.
  • by liwalker
  • May 20, 2016, 9:35 am
Thank you! Welcome to CJ! We hope you find success as well.
Congratulations CJ! No doubt CJ is the best affiliate network for me and others . Since 2010 i found CJ,It is my chance for my family. Thanks a lot.
  • by liwalker
  • May 20, 2016, 9:35 am
Thank you! We are happy you have found success with CJ Affiliate!
CJ is important part of my life. This was the first platform when i started affiliate marketing. I got most of my earning from this platform. They are really good and penal is really easy. I love to see CJ on top and i also want to earn as much as possible in my life. Thanks CJ!


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