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How to Identify & Work with Content Publishers

In last week’s blog post, New Year Success with Content Publishers, we highlighted a recent article in PerformanceIn by our Business Development Director, Content, Jessica Woodbury, which outlined strategies for advertisers to capitalize on the content trend in 2017.

But who are these content publishers? And what makes them unique?

In this short video clip from the recent CJU16 session “Take It to the Next Level with Bloggers,” Publisher Development Manager Zoe Pedziwiatr explains the different content publisher types and strategies on how to best work with them.

What are the different content publisher models?

  • Magazine Editorial Websites
  • Commerce Content
  • High Level Influencer
  • Power Middle
  • Emerging Talent
  • Niche Sites

How do I identify these content models?

  • Review Site Traffic
  • Explore Content Site: About Me, Contact, Header, Sidebar, Footer
  • Check Out Social Pages

For more details around each of these content types, how to identify them, and how to best work them, watch this brief video: How to Identify & Work with Content Publishers.

Have you tried any interesting tactics when working with Content Publishers? What works and what doesn’t? Share with us in the comment section below!

Not sure how to get started? Or looking for ways to grow your affiliate program with Content Publishers? Learn more about our Content Solution or contact content@cj.com today!  


CJ Affiliate

  • by John Peterson
  • Jan 12, 2017, 11:28 am
at times bloggers or publishers use hit counters like gostats to display their starts I think it's a good thing to look at too. Get an idea of how many visitors they are getting each month
Content publisher are good for boosting sales.
I have noticed that education has taken on a new level. We have been so blessed with all the technologies that help us to everyday tasks. We have bloggers with their helpful tips, we have online essay services that help the students write essays. So, what I am saying is, this article is very useful one because it teaches you what you can trust and what sites you can follow to learn the key to success in whatever you do, whether it’s being publishing or blogging.

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